River Highlands TPC Golf

River Highlands The River Highlands golf course is a TPC course that is featured in well publicized events each year. It hosts the PGA tour's Traveler's Championship.

I belong to the Chaine de Rotisseurs and on September 20, 2009 they held a special golfing event at River Highlands. I don't play golf (well) but my boyfriend Bob does. He jumped at the chance to play on this course.

I was up very late the night before (not a great surprise!) so I drove down separately to meet him and the others at the 10th hole, to walk the second half of the course with them and take some photos. Here are the images!

A few of the photos are fuzzy - I apologize. My camera is on its last legs and the autofocus causes it to randomly buzz sometimes. It's time for me to buy a new one.

I got to the 10th hole about 15 minutes before they reached it, so there are a few photos of flowers while I waited for them to arrive :)

River Highlands TPC Golf - first photo!

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