Connecticut Renaissance Faire

CT Ren Faire The Connecticut Renaissance Faire is held in Hebron, Connecticut for several weekends in a row each fall. I try to go down there every year. I love watching the jousting and swordfighting.

In 2009 I went with a high school friend of mine, Mary Staton Brown, and a few of her friends. Mary is on the right in this photo, dressed as a bawdy pirate lady.

I barely got 2 hours of sleep the night before the Faire. As a result, I was *exhausted* all day during the events. Still, I was convinced I would go even if I had to tape my eyes open! No way I was going to miss the Faire :)

Here are all of the photos - enjoy!

A warning to the spider-fearing relatives in my family (you know who you are, Dad) - there are a few spider photos in here. You know I can't resist the cute little eight-legged beasties!

Connecticut Renaissance Faire - first photo!

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