Bermuda NCL Spirit Notes and Photos

Back in 2005, my sister's triplets were about to graduate from high school and go their separate ways. Of the three, Bill was about to go into the military. I thought it would be a great idea for us all to take a cruise together, to celebrate our last time to easily gather as a family, and organized a Bermuda Cruise for the entire group. Unfortunately, the military-bound triplet got called up early and couldn't even go on the cruise! It was too late for the rest of us to cancel or change, so we had to go without him. I always thought that was quite an unfair twist of fate.

By 2009 Bill had married a lovely wife Sarah and had a son Liam. Bill was once again preparing to go off to Afghanistan. I thought it was about time he get that trip to Bermuda with his new family. We set up the trip for May 31 - June 6th. Then the military once again interfered and told him he had to take mandatory training for that week! We scrambled again to change the plans, and luckily Travelocity was VERY understanding and let us slide the dates back. We are now set to go to Bermuda from Boston from May 15 - May 22.

Where our previous cruise was on the NCL Majesty, and landed in St. Georges, this cruise is on the NCL Spirit and lands at the opposite end of the island! So we get to see new things :)

Here are our plans and information for the NCL Spirit! Photos and daily notes will be posted at the end of each day, from the ship! In general, the weather was gorgeous. Even when we went out at 7am the sun was shining and the temperature was very comfortable. Under the midday sun it never felt "baking" although several of us got burnt by not catching every spot with suntan lotion.

Daily Notes
Friday May 15th
Saturday May 16th
Sunday May 17th
Monday May 18th
Tuesday May 19th
Wednesday May 20th

Planning a Bermuda Trip
NCL Spirit History
NCL Spirit Deck Plans
Diving and Snorkeling Bermuda

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