The Proposal Book 5

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The Proposal Sweetly Romantic Short Stories Sweetly Romantic Short Story / 14 pages

Emily adored painting along the coastline of Bar Harbor, Maine. Now that her two girls were off in college, it was just her, the soaring seagulls, and the shimmering sunset. Well, that and her ex-husband, Rich, who had recently moved back to the island. It was almost nice having him around again ...

* * *

The Proposal - Book 5 Bar Harbor is the fifth book in this romantic short story series. These short stories are about 10 pages each and celebrate the power of true love. The Proposal series contain no violence, no swearing, and no intimacy, so they are suitable for teens and up.

You can read the books one-by-one as they are released, or you can wait for the boxed sets to be published once the series gets enough books in it. It's your choice!

A portion of all proceeds benefits battered women's shelters.

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