Melting Caroline pressed her foot on the gas, soaking in the beauty of the late October day. Her white Mustang cruised along the back roads of central Massachusetts. Soon she would be home, embarking on an afternoon of candle making. Slowly, step by step, her life might ease into a rhythm that could be called normal. If only ...

Melting is part of the Sutton Massachusetts Short Stories series. Each short story can be read in any order. All are centered around the rural town of Sutton, located in central Massachusetts. All author's proceeds from this series benefit battered women's shelters.

Lisa's short stories emerge as haiku - as glimpses into lives which amble and turn. She seeks to show how we are all alike in many ways - and yet each of us retains that unique spark that sets us apart. We are flawed creatures, certainly, and yet we continue to strive, to put one foot in front of the other, and to find a place where we can feel comfortable in our own skin.

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