Aquarian Awakenings

Aquarian Awakenings Nicole Bessam had finally found him. After long, fruitless years of searching, after countless missteps and mistakes, she had at last reunited with the man she had pledged her heart to. He was right there in front of her.

But he didn't remember her face.

Commander Jon Paxton was transfixed by the woman before him. He'd had lovers in the past, certainly - women who eased his loneliness. But none had ever called to him the way Nicole did. None had ever fit into his life as neatly as a key fits into its lock. And there seemed to be so much more beneath the surface - but he just couldn't reach it.

Nicole had to move as carefully as a cat negotiating a rocky ledge high above a desolate abyss. One reckless step, one shift in the wrong direction, and the love they had shared could be forever lost.

Aquarian Awakenings is the first of four novellas in the Collective Saga series. This adventure romance is set in a sci-fi fantasy future, one where countless disparate races coexist in a tenuous truce. Only the strength of the Collective military keeps the peace and guards against invaders. These stories are presented in a gentle manner, with no explicit violence or intimacy.

All proceeds from the Collective Saga series benefit battered women's shelters.

The sequel to Aquarian Awakenings is Betelgeuse Beguiling.

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Book Size: 5.25" x 8"
Page Count: 116 pages
Word Count: 32,000 words
Release Date: August 4, 2014

Aquarian Awakenings is a twist on second chances and time travel, where the heroine must delicately reawaken the hero to the nature of the deep love they have shared over countless lives.

Content Rating
Aquarian Awakenings is in the "Pride and Prejudice" category of romance, with no scenes of intimacy.

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