The Parakeet Cere / Nose

The Cere of a parakeet is the "bump" above her beak - and is in essence her nose. There are two holes in it that she breathes through. The cere lets a parakeet breathe and smell.

When parakeets are babies the ceres are often just blue. As parakeets age the ceres usually mature to certain colors based on their sex. Female parakeets develop brown or pink ceres. Male parakeets develop blue ceres. Of course, there are many ceres that are in-between colors. The only real way to know the sex of a parakeet is to take it to your vet and ask!

The above picture is of Pinto, one of my three female parakeets. You can see her cere is pinkish.

This is all 3 of my female parakeets. Their ceres range from pink to brown. When a parakeet is young the cere is soft, but as they age it gets wrinkly and dry. That's fine, it's just what happens to keets.

Here's a user submitted photo of "Snow". Snow's cere is light blue, meaning he probably is a boy. You can never really be sure, though. A joke in the parakeet world is that you're only sure a parakeet is female when you see an egg come out of her :) And you can only tell a parakeet is male if he gets "excited" and you see his sex organ poking out of his feathers!

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