Caring for Parakeet Wings, Claws, Beak, Eyes

Parakeets are small animals with a simple system. They do not need large amounts of care to remain healthy, but they do require SOME care! The four main body areas that you need to keep an eye on are the parakeet's wings, claws, beak, and eyes.

These pages will provide a summary of the things you should understand, so you can do quick troubleshooting of your keet acting odd. Always be prepared to call a vet, though. Keets have tiny bodies and can go from “slightly sick” to “quite ill” in a short period of time.

Parakeet Wings
To Clip or Not Clip a Bird's Wings
Caring for a Parakeet's Wings
Moulting and New Feathers
Parakeet Preening
Parakeet Preening Friends - Including Videos
Basics of Parakeet Feathers

Parakeet Claws and Feet
The Metal Band on a Budgie's Leg
Caring for a Parakeet's Claws

Parakeet Beaks
The Parakeet Cere / Nose
Cuttlebones and Parakeet Beaks

Parakeet Eyes
Parakeet Eye Basic Anatomy
Parakeet Eye Changes As They Age
Parakeet Vision - How Well Can a Parakeet See?
Parakeet Pinning - Dilated Eyes
Parakeet Field of Vision - Sideways Eyes

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