Popcorn String Toy
Making Parakeet Toys

Most of us remember making popcorn strings to put on trees at Christmas! This is a great treat for all birds - wild birds outside, and tame birds inside.

Simply pop up a batch of popcorn. It's best to use unbuttered popcorn since most of the "buttered" varieties are made with fake butter and chemicals. Now thread a needle and put a bead or something parakeet-safe at the end so the popcorn doesn't just slide off.

Start threading the popcorn on the thread! Compared to other things you can thread for birds to eat, popcorn is VERY easy to do. When you're done, tie off the other end, and hang it up! For birds outside, you can do very long chains to drape on the trees in your yard. For your parakeets inside, just 10 or 15 popcorns will do the trick nicely. They'll love the chewing!

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