Egg Carton Surprise Toy
Making Parakeet Toys

Parakeets LOVE to chew things, and they love fun discoveries. This toy combines the two!

Break off four cubes of a cardboard egg carton, both the top and bottom together. Put a variety of treats into the cubes - parakeet safe toys, seeds, nuts, veggies, etc. Now close the cubes and put them into the cage.

I have a circular parakeet bathtub that I have mounted on the inside of the cage - it works great to put the cubes into this (empty) bathtub so they can play with it up high and not get it all dirty from the bottom of their cage. You can put it on top of their cage for their 'out of cage' playtime, put it in their play gym, or whereever else works well for you.

The parakeets LOVE to chew so they will enjoy chewing on their toy - and will be thrilled to discover the treats inside!

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