Almond Hanging Toy
Making Parakeet Toys

Parakeets love nuts, and almonds are quite good for them. Almonds are good for YOU too so be sure to eat some while you put together this toy!

Get a small needle and a length of string. Tie the end of the string to a wooden bead or other parakeet-safe object to keep the almonds from sliding off the string. Now push the needle gently into the first almond. Having a thimble is really helpful here because it'll take some force to get the needle into the almond. Put the almond on something safe - like a pad of paper - when you do this, so the needle poking out the other side doesn't poke into anything bad.

Once the needle is starting to poke out the other side of the almond, turn the almond over. Press the almond down onto the needle, again pressing down against a pad of paper or something else safe to dent.

When you get the needle all the way into the almond, i.e. when the head of the needle is now flush with the almond's outer edge, it's time to "pull" the needle the rest of the way through. I found a pair of nail clippers was perfect for this. They would grab tightly onto the needle and allow you to pull it through. If you have a pair of jewelry clamps those would also work well.

Continue on with another 10-15 almonds, making a chain. This is great for parakeets because not only can they play with it, but they can eat it too!

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