Parakeet Budgie and Keet Sleeping Habits

Parakeets need to sleep 10-12 hours every day. The vast majority of this is done at night. It is critical that your keet get enough sleep so that it can be a happy, healthy bird during waking hours. Please do not try to keep your parakeet at night to "party" with you. That is not healthy for your keet!

Parakeets in the wild sleep in hollowed out trees. Your cage needs to resemble that safe, comfy sleep location when the parakeet is ready to sleep. To help with that feeling, the cage should be covered with a cloth so it is dark and they feel safe. It should be quiet, dark, and at a comfortable temperature. There should not be any breezes blowing through the cage, either from a fan, air conditioner, or draft.

Parakeets also take naps during the day when it is quiet. They will often stretch and yawn before falling asleep, or after waking up.

Parakeets fluff up before they sleep - they are trapping warm air in their feathers. This turns their feathers into a built-in feather blanket, so they are warm and cozy while they sleep.

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