Parakeet and Budgie Food, Water and Recipes

The native parakeet grew up in the grasslands of Australia, living in eucalyptus trees. Those grasslands provided the parakeets what they needed to live. They would eat the fresh greens, the fruits and berries they found there, and the seeds that came in the fall.

Below are links to help you feed your parakeet in a more healthy manner. Be sure to read them all! Remember, your parakeet doesn't have the luxury of choosing what they want to eat from the supermarket shelves or out of cupboards. The ONLY food they can eat is what you put into their cage. If you don't put enough of a given nutrient, your parakeet will be malnourished. They have no choice.

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Feeding Information
Healthy Food for your Parakeet
Healthy Food by Vitamin
Dangerous Foods for your Parakeet to Avoid
Overfeeding a Parakeet / Portion Control
My Parakeet Only eats Seeds / Avoids Healthy Choices
Training your Parakeet to Eat Vegetables
Kibble - Pellet Food
Lisa's Reasons for Avoiding Pellet Diets
Millet - a Parakeet Treat
Parakeet Eating Poop

Parakeet Food Reviews
8 in 1 Ecotrition Tropical Fruit and Seed
8 in 1 Conditioning Health Blend Seed
8 in 1 Oats & Groats Health Blend Seed
Geisler Gourmet Honey Citrus
Hartz Bonanza Vegetable Blend
Hartz Original Recipe Parakeet Food
Hartz Ultracare Conditioning Health Blend
Kaytee Fiesta Seed
Kaytee Forti-Diet Egg-Cite Seed
Kaytee Fruit and Veggie Seed
Kaytee Orange Blossom Honey Seed
Kaytee Popped Li'l Snacks
Kaytee Tropical Fruit Seed
Vitacraft Orange Kracker Sticks
Vitakraft Egg Kracker Sticks
Vitakraft Honey-Egg-Fruit Kracker Sticks

Healthy Water for your Parakeet

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