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Before we had a forum to discuss questions interactively, I answered many questions about particular issues with parakeets. Here are a collection of those letters, in case you have run into the same issue and need some help!

About Budgies
Buying Budgies
Brand New Parakeets
General Parakeet Care
Parakeet Feeding
Baths and Water
Biting Issues
Hand Training
Training to Whistle and Speak
Group Parakeet Interaction
Parakeet Breeding
Older / Adopted Keets
Health Care for Parakeets
Parakeet Injuries and Issues
Escaping / Releasing Parakeets
Finding Lost Parakeets
Parakeets and Other Creatures
General Thanks

If you've got a question about your parakeets, or would just like to chat about parakeet issues, be sure to Post a Message in our Parakeet Forum! You'll get prompt, helpful answers to your parakeet questions.

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