Parakeets Ascaris and Capillaris Worms

Worms in birds are just like worms in dogs, cats, humans and other creatures. They live in the intestinal tract of the animal and feed off of the nutrition the animal is supposed to be getting. Sometimes you may actually see little worms in the poop of the bird and around their tail feathers, but other times you may just notice that the bird is acting lethargic and slow.

If you suspect worms, SEE YOUR VET. Only your vet can handle this problem and diagnose it properly.

NOTE: I AM NOT A VET! If you have ANY concern about your parakeet's health and safety, no 'far off person' on the web will be able to accurately diagnose the issue. You need to bring your keet to a real, live vet to see the symptoms first hand and take appropriate action.

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