Parakeet Vet Visits

Any pet that you buy - whether it's a cat, a dog, a parrot or a parakeet - needs to be taken to a vet for an initial checkup. This checkup will tell you if there are any serious problems with the animal. Most pet stores and breeders offer you a 30 day guarantee on your pet's health. In this time, you need to have your pet checked out for serious medical issues. This is important for many reasons. Many illnesses if caught early can be fixed for little money - but if left to fester can cost you thousands in medical bills or put your pet through agonizing pain.

Also if something is seriously wrong with your pet, you will want to know both to alert the pet shop and so you can possibly return the pet or quarantine it and/or your family. It is really best to learn these things QUICKLY so they can be dealt with.

Be sure to factor in the cost of that vet visit to your "start up costs" for your pet, along with the costs of the cage, food, and other basic supplies.

Some people do take their parakeets in for yearly checkups, just as you would take a dog or cat in. This helps ensure the pet's health. Other people find that the initial checkup is quite adequate, and that once they know they have a healthy pet, there is little need to keep taking the pet in. You definitely want to establish that initial contact so your vet has your pet on record and will know who the pet is if you have a midnight emergency. But after that, you might be fine only taking the pet in if something seems seriously wrong with your pet's health.

Parakeet Medical and Safety Information

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