Parakeet Sour Crop - Stomach Ache

Calling an illness "sour crop" is sort of like saying someone has a "tummy ache" - it's a very general term for something being off with the stomach. The crop of a bird is its belly. So a sour crop is anything that causes a bird to eat less well or to stop eating.

A sour crop can be caused just like with humans by eating something that isn't great for you. A bird eating random objects it finds around the house can get an upset stomach. A bird that is force-fed too much food (say a baby bird that a parent is overzealous with) or one that gets food that is too hot or cold can end up with an upset tummy too.

How to solve it? Well, don't do whatever you did to the bird again :) Usually the situation will sort itself out naturally. If something is truly stuck in the bird's stomach, take it to a vet for assistance.

Note that sometimes illnesses can also make a bird not feel like eating - just like with humans. In these cases the sour crop is just a side effect of something else is wrong. You would need to fix the real problem in those situations for the bird to feel hungry again.

NOTE: I AM NOT A VET! If you have ANY concern about your parakeet's health and safety, no 'far off person' on the web will be able to accurately diagnose the issue. You need to bring your keet to a real, live vet to see the symptoms first hand and take appropriate action.

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