Parakeets and Mites
Red Mites, Feather Mites, Scaly Face Mites

Mites are tiny creatures that live on another animal and use that animal's blood to stay alive. Most of us know about ticks and how they latch onto humans. Mites are the same, only smaller.

Parakeets tend to get three different types of mites:

* Red Mites
* Feather Mites
* Scaly Face Mites

Mites don't just spring out of the earth. Most parakeets that get mites get them from a badly cared for pet shop. This is part of why it's critical to buy only from a reputable dealer - and to take your parakeet immediately to a vet for a checkup. If your parakeet is safe at that point, the likelihood of it spontaneously developing mites later on is slim.

Sometimes you can see the mites as moving black or red dots on the parakeet. Note that parakeets do grow in new feathers, so don't mistake an incoming new feather (especially on the top of the keet's head) for a mite. If your keet has mites, it will tend to be slow and sluggish. Their blood is being weakened by this parasite.

While there are mite sprays on the market, I personally would never start randomly spraying a pet without knowing for sure what is going on. It COULD be mites, or it could be something more serious. Those sprays that they sell are not exactly "healthy" for living things! If it is NOT mites that your keet has, you could in fact make them even worse by forcing them to live in a cloud of toxic smoke.

So talk to your vet, and get an appointment. Your vet will know how to handle the situation and return your keet to its normal, happy self!

NOTE: I AM NOT A VET! If you have ANY concern about your parakeet's health and safety, no 'far off person' on the web will be able to accurately diagnose the issue. You need to bring your keet to a real, live vet to see the symptoms first hand and take appropriate action.

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