Parakeets and Egg Binding

All female parakeets can lay eggs, whether or not a male is around. Think of chickens. Female chickens can mate with a male rooster and lay eggs that hatch into baby chicks (which are very cute!). Female chickens can ALSO lay eggs without mating with a male rooster - those eggs get gathered up and sent to the grocery store, where we eat them for breakfast. The eggs we get at the supermarket don't have chicks in them, they'll never turn into chickens. They are unfertilized eggs. So female parakeets can lay eggs that are fertilized (hatchable) if males are around. They can also lay eggs that are unfertilized if no males are around but they feel like egg laying.

I currently have 3 female parakeets that are all 8 and 7 years old. They have NEVER laid an egg. But I know of other people who have a female parakeet in a cage with a nest and a mirror, and she "thinks" she has a husband, so she lays eggs. It does happen.

Usually there's no issue - if you know there is no male around, simply remove the eggs before they go rotton. If there IS a male around, you definitely need to read all of my pages on breeding, talk to breeders in the area, talk to your vet, and be very well prepared for the consequences. Breeding parakeets is not a task to take lightly, it is very serious.

But there are times that a hen (female parakeet) can get "egg bound". This means that she makes an egg, but the egg gets stuck as it slides out of her. Sometimes this is because she's overweight and the extra fat is blocking the egg channel. Other times it is because she has a poor diet and the egg isn't strong enough to slide through smoothly. You might see a bulge at the back end of the bird, see it sitting in one spot and straining as it tries to pass the egg. If this activity has just begun, you can try making sure the room is nice and warm. Warm muscles are generally loose muscles and that helps out.

Don't heat the bird, just make sure it isn't cold or cool. Also, if she is hand trained (which hopefully she is by now!!) get a little cooking oil and rub it on her rear end. That might help the egg slip out.

But if neither of these work, call a vet immediately to get help with this.

NOTE: I AM NOT A VET! If you have ANY concern about your parakeet's health and safety, no 'far off person' on the web will be able to accurately diagnose the issue. You need to bring your keet to a real, live vet to see the symptoms first hand and take appropriate action.

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