Grabbing and Holding NOT a Valid Training Technique
How To Tame a Budgie

Someone once wrote me saying he wanted to try his own technique to tame his parakeet, which involved "slowly and gently catching" the parakeet and the holding the keet captive for 10 minutes to prove to the parakeet that his hands were safe.

No no no! A parakeet should never be "caught". Slowly and gently catching a parakeet?? You must be kidding :) A parakeet freaks out when it sees human hands if it's not tame. The risk of breaking a keet's wing is far too great, the interaction of large human hands and little bones in a scared animal are NOT a good combination.

In nature, keets are never held. MAMMALS like cats and dogs are held by their parents and think this is normal. Cats and dogs are routinely licked by their parents. They find that "petting motion" comforting. Keets are not, this is very Abnormal for them.

Remember - what is your entire aim here? Hand training is about *building trust* with a very intelligent animal. If your method of building trust is to manhandle someone, then how do you treat girlfriends or boyfriends??? :) Building trust is not something that happens instantly. It develops over time, with repeated shows of trustworthiness so that the KEET can choose to build that trust. Trust can never, ever be something you force on an intelligent creature.

How long have you been trying to build your trust with your pet? Only 1-2 weeks? Two weeks is hardly any time! These animals live to be 15 years old! Surely you can work on hand training and building patience with your keet for more than 2 weeks?

If you want day by day help, go to our forum and talk there, you'll get support and advice. Do not treat your intelligent parakeet like a brainless toy. It is a very intelligent creature, and deserves time and respect to develop a relationship.

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