Healthy Parakeet Poops

There's a scene in The Last Emperor that's appropriate here. In the movie, the Chinese Emperor is a toddler being raised by civil servants. When he poops, a doctor actually collects the poop and examines it to make sure the toddler is healthy. When you're dealing with a patient that can't talk and explain what is wrong, looking at the poop is often the best way to figure out if everything is going well inside the person.

The same is true for a parakeet. Parakeets can't tell you when they have an upset tummy! You need to keep an eye on your parakeet's poops to make sure everything is going well.

Here's a picture of parakeet poop -

A parakeet doesn't pee. He just poops and the poop is sort of jello-like in consistency, so it has both the liquid and solid waste. It's about 1/4" across. There's an outer ring of dark color and an inner ring of white. Depending on how much veggies the parakeet ate during the day, the poop might be a bit watery or even green. But a parakeet should poop several times a day and while it can sometimes be runny from too much veggies, it shouldn't *always* be runny.

If you notice your parakeet has stopped pooping, or if the poops are very runny or strange looking, it's time to talk to a vet!

Parakeet poop is very easy to clean up - it dries into a hard little pellet that can easily be wiped up, and dissolves in regular water.

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