Cage Liner / Cage Bottom for a Parakeet or Budgie

When Parakeets have to go to the bathroom, they create a round 'poop' that is grey on the outside and white on the inside. It's only 1/4" across or less, very small. These are semi-moist and dry very quickly. They don't really smell at all and just gather on the bottom of the cage, on the newspaper that you put at the bottom to collect these.

Once a week or so you need to throw away that old newspaper and put in some new newspaper. That keeps your parakeet's world clean and free from disease or trouble.

A healthy parakeet's poop will be semi-firm and they will poop several times a day. If your parakeet doesn't poop at all for an entire day, talk to a vet to try to figure out what could be wrong. If your parakeet's poops are extremely watery and don't hold that circle shape, talk to a vet too. Sometimes if your keet gorges on fresh lettuce and such the poop can get SLIGHTLY watery and green, which is normal. But a stool that's too watery can also be a sign of illness.

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