Building a Bird Play Gym

Parakeets and other birds are incredibly intelligent. Just imagine if you were stuck in the exact same single room for 10 solid years, without anything in it changing, without ever going out of that room, with nothing new to look at? That's what it's like for a parakeet! So it's important to give them new toys occasionally, play different kinds of music for them, let them look out a window, and especially give them a play gym.

A play gym lets your parakeet have fun, swing around, gnaw on things, and stretch its wings. Parakeets are incredibly acrobatic and love to play. Start out by reading about safe parakeet toys. Once you have a few toys in your parakeet's cage and are rotating them regularly, it might be time to look into building a fun playgym for your parakeets. It's pretty easy to do, and can give them hours of fun each day!

We built this gym for our 3 parakeets and keep it right next to the cage. That way when they're out (always with supervision!) they can easily hop over to the gym and play on it. When they are sleepy or hungry, they head right back to their cage to rest up.

The wood must be untreated and natural. You don't want any nasty preservatives in something the parakeets will chew! And yes they WILL chew your gym. That's what parakeets do! Their natural behavior in the wild is to chew holes in Eucalyptus trees to make their nests. So they like to chew. It also keeps their beaks trimmed.

  • Use wood that they can gnaw. Keets love to gnaw, and it keeps their beak trimmed.
  • Make perches of different sizes, to help their feet stay supple.
  • Let the toys be attached and detached easily so you can swap toys occasionally.
  • Provide a ledge for a bathtub, so they can have fun splashing.
  • Put the gym somewhere stable but relatively high. Keets like to be high up, it lets them feel safe.
  • Definitely no sharp edges!! Attach the wood with glue where you can, NON TOXIC GLUE.

More Photos of the Parakeet Gym

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