Building the Ark

The Historic Noah Flood Series

Building the Ark Book 4 / Historic Copper Age Exploration of the Traditional Noah Flood Story / 14 pages

Ku-aya was on a mission - and she knew the dire consequences if she were to fail. Everyone she knew in her entire village would perish in a watery grave. She was determined to do whatever it took to save them all.

To her surprise, it was not her constant suitor Pu-Dagan who joined her at her effort. Instead, the reclusive Burrukam emerged from his self-imposed isolation to labor without complaint at her uncle's side.

And this was only the first event to cause her re-think her world ...

* * *

Building the Ark is the fourth book in my short story series set in the Black Sea region during the Copper Age - around 5,600 BC. The stories retell the Noah Flood myth from a historical perspective. These short stories are about 13 pages each. The Noah Flood series contains no violence, no swearing, and no intimacy, so they are suitable for teens and up.

You can read the books one-by-one as they are released, or you can read the boxed sets. The boxed sets are compiled immediately after reaching each 10-book milestone. It's your choice! Some readers enjoy giving feedback as I write while others would rather binge-read in blocks.

Half of all author's proceeds benefit battered women's shelters.

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The sequel to Building the Ark is The Sound of the Flute.

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