Lisa Shea's Historic Noah Flood Series

Copper Age - 5600BC

Lisa Shea Historic Noah Flood Series Lisa Shea´s Historic Noah Flood Series explores the Black Sea region in the 5600BC Copper Age timeframe. It presents a realistic foundation for the flood myth. These stories are gently written with no explicit intimacy or violence. They are suitable for teens and up.

Black Sea Deluge
Ku-aya led a joyful life with her parents and her three younger brothers. Her days were spent tending to the fields of wheat, watching over the herd of sheep, and dancing along the banks of the salt-river which ran through the center of her beautiful sprawling village. Every dawn brought new blessings from the Sky Father above.

The Bosphorus
Ku-aya was wrapped in nervous concern. Uncle Uselli and Uncle Kuwari had been gone for a full week. Perhaps it was folly for them to follow the salt river upstream into the high mountains to explore its source. What if The Striker grew angry and unleashed his fury on the village?

Salvation from Waters
Ku-aya's world was tumbling in around her. The warning her uncles had brought back from their travels had fallen on deaf ears. The villagers simply could not believe that the rising of the Salt River was anything more than an odd seasonal flooding which would soon abate.

Building the Ark
Ku-aya was on a mission - and she knew the dire consequences if she were to fail. Everyone she knew in her entire village would perish in a watery grave. She was determined to do whatever it took to save them all.

Building the Ark
Ku-aya's world was changing faster than she could keep up with. It wasn't just that the components for the Ark were quickly piling up alongside her tholos. It was more than that.

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