Motorcycles in Terminator

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Sure, the first motorcycle you saw in the original Terminator movie was Sarah Connor's little Honda Scooter. The one that most people REMEMBER, though, is the red one that Arnie drives while chasing Sarah and Reese. The chase sequence, with Reese throwing homemade pipe-bombs at the Uzi-wielding Arnie-on-a-motorcycle, is classic. It was so popular that T2 became quite the cycle movie.

This is a Honda 750. From Mike: The bike Arnold rides in the first movie is a Honda CB750 Four, as in four cylinders. It's probably no newer than a '74. judging by the pipes and the frame. I have a '72, looks just like it, but different fairing. In the credits it shows some customizing place that provided the motorcycle, that's why it's such an old one, Honda didn't provide it.

This chase sequence was a huge hit with audiences - and led to T2 featuring motorcycles in a strong way!

Sarah Connor's little Honda Scooter

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