Hawaii Photos and Tips

We have been on a quest to visit every one of the 50 states in the United States, and Hawaii is of course one of those! We waited until we saved up enough frequent flier miles to go first class, as it's a long way from the east coast to Hawaii. Then we went with the NCL Pride of America cruise, since that was the most cost effective way to see multiple islands on a single trip. It's amazing how much hotel rooms on the actual islands cost!

Here are our notes, photos and research details!

Daily Travelogue
Fri - USAir Frequent Flier Miles Problem day

Sat am - Waikiki Beach, Honolulu HI
Sat - Embarkation on Pride of America including today's Dailies
Sat pm - Muster, Leaving Port, and Teppanyaki

Sun day - Southernmost point, black sand and Volcano National Park
Sun pm - Little Italy, VIP and Cruise Critics

Mon am - Maui, Hawaii
Mon pm - Storm Surge - we have to make an emergency departure

Tue am - Maui, Hawaii
Tue day - Dunes Golf at Maui, Hawaii
Tue pm - Sushi Dinner

Wed day - Day at Sea due to high winds at Kona
Wed pm - Lazy J's Steakhouse

Thu am - Kauai and sunny
Thu day - Meeting with the Captain
Thu pm - East West Dinner

Fri am - Kauai day 2
Fri pm - Coastline and Cruise Critics

Sat am - Disembarkation
Sat day - Driving Around Oahu
Sat pm - Flying Home on USAir

Sea Turtle at the Black Sand Beach - 34mb
Bird Song by the Lava Tube - 20mb
Crater with Volcanic Gasses - 59mb
Billowing Steam Vents - 32mb
... (note the insane guy standing IN the dangerous volcanic gasses!)
Power Out 3:30am - Waves off back of ship - 66mb
Tugboat doing circles as we leave Kauai - 91mb

These photos and videos were all taken with my new Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T20 8.1 Digital Camera

AVI Videos
Pride of America leaving Maui in a storm 395mb BIG
Pride of America leaving Maui in a storm 22mb
Pride of America leaving Maui in a storm 40mb
Pride of America returning to Maui 17mb
Pride of America returning to Maui 521mb BIG
Pride of America returning to Maui 168mb BIG
These were done with the Flip Video Camera

Dailies for Pride of America

Hawaii Pride of America Notes
Anniversary Package
Coupon Book
Researching Cruise Prices
Cabin Notes about Balcony Aft
Dailies Menu
Movies About Hawaii

Packing Notes - What We Used
Samsonite 4 Wheel Nylon Portfolio Overnighter
Samsonite 29" Spinner Hard-sided Luggage
Samsonite Sahora Brights 28" Spinner
Samsonite Cruisliner Suit Bag
Big Tag for Luggage
Energizer LED Headlight
Inova Flashlight
Coghlan Waterproof Pouch

Cruise Tips and Information

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