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We went into 2 different churches. One was a traditional Ukrainian church - very gold, shiny, with sunburst imagery. This had been created by a priest who lived in Rome for a while, so it had a lot of statuary and few mosaics. Apparently during Communism this had been used as a government office but very luckily they did not damage the lovely interior. There were even frescoes in the entry lobby area.

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Another was a Polish church and was much more pastel colored with paintings. It also had gold sunbursts, and was under renovation.

We saw the original wall and fortifications that had protected Lviv hundreds of years ago. There were little arrow slits for defense, a moat around it, and even an arsenal museum in it.

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The founder of Lviv's son was named Lev, and that is who the town was named after. Lev means lion, just like Leo in Italian, so the symbol of the town was the lion. There were numerous sculptures indicating the Lion.

There was a palace being re-created, complete with four fountains at the four corners. This was a marketplace in the "old days" and as it brought in international travelers, so the fountains were set up with Greek / Roman gods such as Diana, goddess of the hunt, and Neptune. When they were excavating to build this palace, they found chapels under these four corners with bones in them. They figure this had been an important burial ground.

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