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Thursday August 17, 2006

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The original plan had been to take a 1.5hr bus ride to Olesko Castle, then another 1.5hr bus ride to Berestecho's Cossack Tombs, then a 3 hr ride home again. However, our relatives were still very eager to spend every moment they could with us, and offered to take us around Lviv since we'd missed that yesterday. We agreed that we would spend the day with them. I only got a few hours sleep because of my server issues last night. Still, bright and early I was waiting with my mom and Len to meet up with Anna, her daughter Lesha, and her niece.

First we began at the Opera building, since that was right across the street. They were filming something in the square in front of the building, probably in celebration of Ukrainian Independence. The building was very lovely and mom was impressed that the statuary featured numerous views of the characters.

Next we walked a short ways to the large market area. They had embroidered shirts, carved items, paintings, and much more. I really would have loved to buy another blouse here, but our relatives were quite insistent on buying something FOR each of us. Len asked if a 3-arm candlestick was like a menorah, out of idle curiosity, and the next thing you know they had bought one for him. I tried to hold out against getting anything, but finally Mom convinced me to let them buy me a small wall hanging showing the Opera building. Otherwise they would have thought I was rude to keep refusing.

Lviv Ukraine Photo

Lviv Ukraine Photo

The central area of Lviv is gorgeous - a long, quiet park area, beautiful buildings all along the sides, interesting statuary. Apparently this had all been built over a river. There were trolly cars and a lot of people out walking, enjoying the day. I just loved the buildings and detail.

Lviv Ukraine Photo

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