Ukraine Travelogue -
Arriving via Train in Kyiv

This is the long version of the travelogue. There is also a Short Version and a Slideshow of Kyiv with 155 images for this day.

Sound asleep on the gently rolling train, having tucked in about 3am, Kris and I were woken up about 6am by Stephanie knocking on the door of our train cabin. Apparently the sheet tzar was already wanting her sheets back. We undid the beds and then just lay on the mattresses, trying to get a bit more sleep. I got a few mite bites, but apparently was luckier than the adults who ended up with a bunch of bites. At least it was relatively cool now!

The train was moving into more populated areas now, and I put on a new dress to at least be a bit fresher. Pretty soon we were pulling into Kyiv station and it was time to disembark.

Disembarking went much more smoothly than embarking had - we now knew how narrow the halls were, had an idea of how to move the suitcases through them and lowered them all down to the platform. Then we trekked down the platform to the station - which involved a *very* long flight of stairs up.

We were met by a guide who wanted us to head out immediately on the tour - but we explained that we were starving and really needed food. We put our luggage on the van - again, a mini-van where the luggage barely fit into the back area - and went into the train station to eat. It's four flights of stairs up to that area, although we did find elevators later. The fast food Ukrainian style offered beer and a variety of items. I went for orange juice and sticky rice, which was quite good.

Then a trip to the toilet. It cost 1H (about 20 cents) to get in, and in each stall was just a hole in the ground and an area to stand over it (squat really). There was a flush when you were through.

OK, out to the mini-van. The luggage was so tight that it was leaning against Kris and me, and we couldn't see anything she pointed out on the right side of the bus, like the famous archway into Kyiv. Ah well, and I'd explicitly emailed the travel agent about that luggage-fitting-on-minivan issue, but apparently it hadn't helped. At least we had AC!

We were scheduled to immediately go to 3 churches and the "3 hills" of Kiev, then to the hotel Rus to check in at noon, leave right away at 12:30 and go hiking around the monastery and caves for the afternoon. No shower or rest time at all. Most of us were already quite tired, so this seemed a challenge! The kids hadn't slept on purpose, and the adults hadn't been able to sleep. Also, I had train legs literally all day long, where I felt like the world was weaving. On we went.

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