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On one hand, Disney World is a huge, fake tourist trap. The prices there are INCREDIBLY high. Everything you're seeing is fake. You could go to a national park, see real wonders of the real world, and only pay 1/10th the cost. You could donate the other 9/10ths of the money to charity and save hundreds of people a year.

On the other hand, Disney World is really pretty. It's worth going to at least once, to see what mankind can create if they have oodles of money and "nothing better" or more constructive to do with it. It's like going to Vegas, to see what millions of dollars spent on "fun" can achieve.

In 2006, I went to Disney World with a group of BellaOnline editors in order to document the park and to run a number of seminars to share information amongst ourselves. Here are hundreds of photos and notes about a wide variety of park locations! If you're going to go to Disney World, you should do as much preparation as you can, to ensure every dollar you spend is spent wisely. It is pretty amazing how much they charge there even for basics like water.

Thursday, May 4
Grosvenor Hotel in Walt Disney World
Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort in Walt Disney World
Animal Kingdom Lodge Savanna in Walt Disney World
Boma Buffet at Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort in Walt Disney World

Friday, May 5
Safari at Animal Kingdom
Pagani Trail at Animal Kingdom
Lion King Show at Animal Kingdom

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