Las Vegas Nevada Casino Trip 2005
Thursday Notes and Photos

I woke up around 9am and spend the morning finalizing as much email as I could, and preparing for the trip. Bob nicely helped me to pack in a tetris like manner. I ended up with a black rolly bag, a blue knapsack, my cooler bag, a camera bag and purse. I ran out to Staples at 10am to grab the notebooks, which came out quite nicely, and stopped for snacks on the way back. Gas too!

By 1:00 we were out the door, stopping at Staples again to get more name badges. At 1:30 we were in the lot picking up Jeanne, and by 2:30 we were in Logan. Check in was quick and easy at the kiosk, then a relatively short line (15 min) through security. We had a LONG trek to our gate area. We went to the Summer Shack for lunch, there was a little grey mouse there! I had water and striped bass, quite yummy. We told the waitress about the mouse but asked her to be nice to it. Maybe she could relocate it to somewhere grassy.

Now to the plane and onto it. We were seated in the back and had an empty seat next to us. Each seatback had a touch-screen computer that let you watch the plane's progress, listen to a customized mix of MP3s, watch movies, and more. I found the trivia game and was hooked, winning a lot of the games. As the flight wore on, a man 2 rows behind us was very loud so I put on my ipod.

We arrived. Our departure gate was only 2 gates away, nice and easy. We did a little shopping (deck of cards) and then read a little while. The only food here was a cheap pizza joint so we got pizza and water, then headed back to our spots. The flight was delayed until 10:15. Soon enough we were on the plane, ready to go to Vegas.

Unfortunately the loud guy and his female companion were literally RIGHT next to us now. The man was on the left aisle, the woman on the right aisle, me next to her and Jeanne at the window. They began by ordering 4 champagnes and then kept drinking solid from there. In between drinks they were fighting to the point of loudly swearing at each other and calling each other really nasty names. The waitresses tried occasionally to distract them, with not much luck. I tried to sleep, and had not much luck.

Finally we came over Vegas, and it was gorgeous! We were on the right side of the plane and had a perfect view of the strip. You could see every detail, from the Luxor's shining light to the glowing green of the MGM.

We landed, got our bags, got into the very long line for the taxi queue. Luckily the line moved quickly. The taxi driver was great, he zigged and zagged quickly and directly to the hotel for only $11. I gave him $15. The line at the Imperial Palace was fairly short and in 5 min we had our room information and were heading up to it. The casino was relatively neat - smoke free, cook games, interesting dealers. There were square grids on the ceiling with wood Imperial style dragons.

The room itself had a balcony over the neighboring pool, clean whites, bed big and soft, fluffy pillows. We both took showers, I called Bob, Jeanne cut out the badges, and it was sleepy time!!

For those staying there, be sure to ask for the DELUXE room which is much nicer than their standard room. It is a lovely white theme, very clean and comfortable. They provide a hair dryer and iron/board. There are even balconies! There are NOT coffee pots nor microwaves. Also note that there are TWO banks of elevators - the front ones are always busy, but simply go behind them to the hardly-used pair to get around with ease. The stairs work too, of course, and help you balance the weight you're gaining from eating at the buffet.

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