Las Vegas Nevada Casino Trip 2005
Sunday Notes and Photos

Sunday was a much more relaxed day, for many reasons. First, many editors had to leave Saturday night, so only a few of us were left. Next, the sessions were the "less requested" ones, so we assumed that some editors would choose to explore Vegas vs sitting and talking with us :) We had 5 sessions scheduled in case any editors felt "lonely" and were here all day.

Jeanne and I had the "Champagne Buffet" at the Imperial Palace to see how it differed from the regular buffet. I didn't see any Champagne :) The staff was much more interactive and friendly here, and they had a chef making omelets to order as well as a meat carving station. The food in general seemed a bit fresher and tastier than the other buffet. Not a huge difference, though.

The first session was at 9am, and involved Jill talking about article ideas. This was held at Bally's, which was two monorail stops away. Jeanne and I got one-time tickets from the ticket machine, and hopped on the monorail. It was quick, clean, efficient, and gave us a great view of the strip as we went. I was quite impressed!

We hooked up with Jill as we walked through Bally's to get to Sully's Lounge. There didn't seem to be a real "theme" at Bally's besides bright lights and mirrors. The sports area did have cool basketball chains around its edge.

Sully's Lounge was very quiet - it was early yet for Vegas. The wood chairs were quite tall, and the wood tables were on the small side. Still, it worked well for us. Jill had exercises for us to do, and we came up with a ton of ideas for each other on content to write. Jill brought us lollipops and bubbles, and once again our discussion was so animated that we had to drag ourselves away to move on to the next topic.

I admit to becoming fascinated by the lights at the casino. For some reason, most of them seemed to be a beige "shell" type substance with ironwork. Was this deemed to be the most "friendly" lighting for people to stay and spend money?

We went over on time on this session too, because it was so fascinating, and had to pry ourselves away to move on to the Paris!

Here's an image as we leave Bally's, looking across the strip at Caesar's Palace.

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