Las Vegas Nevada Casino Trip 2005
Saturday Notes and Photos

Saturday was the busiest day of the weekend. Many editors were only here for Saturday because of flight schedules and other issues. Our plan was to have a group meeting from 9-12 right at the Imperial Palace. We would break for lunch, and then have 3 separate a-la-carte meetings at three nearby casinos. That would let us get together and discuss topics while enjoying the sights and sounds of Vegas.

We tried to get my laptop to work from the meeting room, but it just wouldn't connect in a stable fashion. I apologize to anyone who tried to chat with us that morning! We got ourselves settled, and started a tape recorder running. I will work on putting that recording up soon.

Cindy, Lynne, Jaga, Kennie, Victoria, Jill

Sandy, Rae, Carolyn (beauty basics)

I called over Jaga and Lynne, and the three of us sat in the center to moderate the session. First, I talked about the goals of BellaOnline and what I hoped to achieve in the next few years. Then we went person by person around the room so each editor had an opportunity to share her views. Lynne spoke for a while on site traffic, and Jaga spoke about forum traffic. The three hours went by extremely quickly!

Jaga and Lynne

Jeanne, Kennie and Jill

Jessica, Israel and a blur :)

For lunch, Victoria, her hubby and Jill came with me to the scheduled lunch spot - the Tsunami Asian Grill in the Venetian. I suppose the others weren't quite as fond of sushi as I am :) The sushi bar area was very nice, with a friendly chef.

The sushi was quite nice. Once we were done, it was time to begin the afternoon sessions! I in fact had to sprint over to the food court, as I was slightly late.

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