Las Vegas Nevada Casino Trip 2005
Friday Notes and Photos

Jeanne and I woke up bright and early Friday morning, being on the 3 hour time difference. We called over to Jilly's room. She said her roomie had already gone off exploring, and agreed to meet us at the Emperor Buffet. The Imperial Palace offers two buffets and this is the cheaper of the two. We headed over, said Hi to Jilly, and had breakfast together. There were a wide variety of foods - cereals, fresh fruits and melons, cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, etc. I loved the fruits and melons, enjoyed the sausage and found the eggs to be a bit rubbery. You find that at pretty much any buffet, though.

Victoria found us but said she was going out to NBC to do a show. We agreed to try to hook up with her later on. Here's the buffet area - the overhead areas were sometimes done with green light, which actually did look quite nice.

It was time to explore. My favorite casino of all time looks-wise is the Venetian, so we headed there. First we had to walk through Harrah's, which had a golden Carnival theme. There was a "I love this bar" country singer bar, plus some garish statuary :)

As we came outside into the HEAT, we saw the Mirage waterfall across the street. I tried several times to see the volcano here at night, but we just weren't successful.

Also across the street was Treasure Island - now renamed TI because they're going for a less kiddy-style atmosphere :)

But most importantly, we were now heading into ... the Venetian.

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