Las Vegas Nevada Casino Trip 2005

As the owner of BellaOnline, I was thrilled when we planned out our first ever Editor Gathering. We stayed at the Imperial Palace Hotel right at the center of the Vegas strip! This was truly a perfect location from which to see all that Vegas had to offer. It was VERY family friendly and had quite reasonable rates for their "deluxe" rooms. The atmosphere is a main reason we chose it - so we could promote a hotel we believed in.

I flew out with Jeanne, my 2nd in command. We went with which gave us great rates - under $200 each including all taxes from Boston -> Vegas roundtrip. The downside is that they routed us on Song via Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This had us arriving in Vegas after midnight.

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August in Las Vegas is HOT! That's why it's one of the cheapest months to visit. Make sure you bring clothes to handle the potentially 100F+ heat. If you're going swimming, bring a powerful sun block. If you'll be out walking, bring a hat!

The Las Vegas strip is LONG. It stretches 4.5 miles from end to end. It looks short on the map because there are so few hotels - but each hotel complex is massive. Wear comfortable walking shoes, and be sure to take breaks often. Consider exploring the strip in evening hours when it's cooler.

Here's the cover of the notebook I distributed! Click on it for a larger version. The images are all of the editors at BellaOnline. Note that the large version is 2.7mb so it might take some time to download. It's great for printing! The free software I used to create this is called AndreaMosaic.

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