Quebec Ice Hotel Photos and Notes

It tends to be the really unusual trips that catch my eye. I like to go to places with volcanos, gigantic tidal changes and frozen tundra. In this case, the Ice Hotel is carved out of solid ice and snow each winter. A group of artisans spend months of preparation. Finally the complex opens to the public in early January. It only lasts until March, when the warm winds of spring cause it to begin to melt.

This entire complex is made of ice, and there are around 25 "regular" ice rooms as well as 15 or so "suites" that are each on a different theme. Each suite is carved by a different group of people, with their own unique view of what it should look like. In addition there are 2 ice bars, an ice chapel and an ice reception room.

My sister and I were originally going to go in mid-March but a gigantic blizzard hit and we were unable to drive up. So we made our plans for March 25-27 - the last possible weekend before the ice hotel melted down into a puddle!

Enjoy our notes and photos! It's amazing to see the exact same room in the evening (Sat night) vs in the morning (Sun morning). I'll often show the same item side by side, so you can see how the ice changes its look based on the light.

Friday Night - Driving MA to the VT/Canada Border
Saturday Morning - Old Quebec City
Saturday Afternoon - The Ice Hotel
-- The Chapel
-- The Hall
-- The Absolut Bar
-- The Main Bar
-- The Restaurant
-- The Sleeping Rooms
-- The Sleeping Suites
Sunday - Driving Home

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