Earth Day Cleanup - Uxbridge MA 2005

I love the environment, so when I heard the local Chamber of Commerce was planning on doing an Earth Day cleanup along the river in Uxbridge, I volunteered to help out. Debi Gardiner of Gardiner Design coordinated the entire event. A week before the event, we went out to River Road to take a look around and document just how bad things were.

Before the Cleanup Photos

It was a real mess. TVs, toasters, washing machines, fridges, car doors, you name it. It was pretty disgusting what people would throw into the woods, to kill wild animals and sit and rust.

Unfortunately, the next day I began to get small red dots, and by Wednesday I was becoming covered with a poison ivy rash. My entire torso had red stripes and bumps, and there were dots on my arms and legs too.

Lisa's Poison Ivy Photos & Info

By Friday I was having shivering spells. But I was convinced I was going to make it to the clean-up event. Saturday morning bright and early I got up and showered and was ready to go at 7:30. But a bout of stomach sickness hit, and by the time I wedged the large white-board into my trunk and got down to the registration desk, it was 9am. There were already hordes of eager workers there, ready to go out and gather the garbage!

During and After the Cleanup Photos

It was simply AMAZING what a difference was made! We had several large dumpsters and they were all OVERfull with piles of garbage, appliances, glass, and much more. I know I picked up 11 bags of garbage myself, and that was just focussing on the area immediately by the river. By 12:15 everyone had headed in and taken the supplies with them, so I did a final sweep for stragglers and then headed back myself. There was free food, popcorn, soda, and even a raffle held for the tired but happy volunteers.

Once clean-up was complete, I headed home with Bob to coat myself in Tecnu (anti-poison-ivy solution). Then I showered in hot water for an hour, to soothe my existing welts and to ensure that I didn't develop any new ones!

Be sure to find ways to participate in cleanups in your area! They really do make a difference!

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