Key Largo, Key West, Everglades Travelogue

I really love the Florida Keys, Key West and the Everglades. There are lots of interesting birds, alligators, manatees, and much more! When my sister had a birthday in April and also got laid off from work, I started scouting for cheap tickets to anywhere. It turns out that USAir had a $91 round trip fare to Fort Lauderdale, and that's within driving distance of the Keys! I was thrilled and got us a pair of tickets. Bob, my motorcycling boyfriend decided this was the perfect time to drive his ST1300 down to the Southernmost Point in the US for a photo. We were set to go!

On the map of Florida below, you can see Fort Lauderdale on the lower right coastline, and then the keys are at the bottom of the map.

Mon May 3 - Fort Lauderdale to Key Largo
We landed in Fort Lauderdale, then drove Route 1 all the way down from there, through Miami and Homestead, down to Key Largo. We hit our hotel mid-afternoon and frolicked in the beach and pool.

Tue May 4 - Lower Everglades - Anhinga Trail to Eco Pond
We woke up in Key Largo and explored the Florida Wild Bird Center. Then we headed to the lower Everglades to walk the Anhinga Trail, Mahogany Hammock, and Eco Pond.

Wed May 5 - Driving Key Largo to Key West and Back
This was Cinco de Mayo! We drove towards Key West, stopping to see the Key Deer. We explored Key West and Duval Street, and of course saw the Mallory Square sunset celebration. When it was over, we headed back to Key Largo.

Thu May 6 - Upper Everglades - Shark Slough Tram
The final day in Florida had us drive north to the top part of the everglades, at Shark Slough. We took the 2 hour tram ride and saw TONS of alligators, anhingas, and other critters. We even saw two anhinga nests!

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