Cancun - Chichen Itza Photos and Travelogue

I am a low fare watcher. We don't take vacations on any schedule. We take them when a low fare that's amazing appears, and we work around it. We were amazed to see a round trip vacation to Cancun, Mexico from Massachusetts show up at $177 round trip INCLUDING THE FLIGHT AND HOTEL for three days. We chose the amazing Westin Resort with its Heavenly Beds for a tiny upgrade to $209 each! Since that barely covers the cost of one night at a hotel in Cancun normally, my sister, my mom and I decided to head out for some quality family time.

Cancun is on the Yucatan Peninsula, at the lower right of Mexico. It wasn't the Cancun beach or party life that drew us, interestingly. None of us are "beach people". I hide from the sun! It was the amazing Mayan pyramids at Chichen Itza (emphasis is on the LAST syllable of each word, ChichEN itZA). I took Spanish for 6+ years and the Chichen Itza complex was one we covered each year. I was thrilled to finally get to go see it in person! The Mayans were one of the most developed civilizations of the world up through the early 1200s.

As an added bonus, only 5 minutes walking from the Westin is one of the four top snorkelling reefs in the world, at Punta Nizuc. What a great deal!

What's interesting is that Cancun is a computer-generated location. In the early 70s, the Mexican government said "we need a resort". A computer chose the Cancun location, which at the time was a tiny fishing village / coconut plantation. Everything in Cancun - from the hotels to restaurants to downtown area - was created since then, for the sole purpose of luring in tourists.

Mon Jun 21 - Snorkelling and Cancun City
Tue Jun 22 - Chichen Itza
Wed Jun 23 - Watching the Waves

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