We had a blast on our July 2002 Trip to Ripley, TN that we decided to go back again in 2003. This time we went in October, and motorcycled the whole way! We even did a long-circular route to hit other states in the process. We hit every state on this map except for Delaware.

The weather was GORGEOUS and the foliage was in full color. We got to ride down Skyline Drive in Virginia, the curly "Dragon" in eastern Tennessee and the beaches of Pensacola, Florida. We even tooled down the famous Bourbon Street in New Orleans! And best of all, we had a wonderful time meeting up with our relatives in Ripley, Tennessee.

Here's our trip!

Monday, Oct 20th: Mass to Pennsylvania
Tuesday, Oct 21th: Virginia and Skyline Drive
Wednesday, Oct 22th: The Dragon to Georgia
Thursday, Oct 23th: South Carolina across to Biloxi MS
Friday, Oct 24th: Baton Rouge to Tennessee
Saturday, Oct 25th: Ripley!!
Sunday, Oct 26th: Virginia back to Home

MPG video of the white sands of Pensacola, FL
MPG video of the sunset over the ocean at Pensacola

Lynnwood and the Cotton Sack - Video and Transcript
Becky Picking Cotton - Video and Transcript
Lynnwood and Kate Chatting - Video and Transcript
Bob and Lynnwood - Video and Transcript
3mb Video of Nancy saying "Hello" :)

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