Napa Valley Travelogue 2003:
The 1976 Paris Tasting

Back in 1976, the wine world assumed that France made all of the best wines, and that nothing from anywhere else could ever come close. Then came the 1976 Paris Tasting, set up in essence to capitalize on the American bicentennial celebrations and to show how superior French wines were. To the shock of the French tasters, they chose both a US Cabernet and a US Chardonnay as the winners in their blind taste tests.

Bob and I went out to Napa Valley in March 2003 to revisit the famous wineries that were part of this tasting, and to see how far they had come from that momentous occasion!

Thu, Feb 27 2003
We head out early, taking care of some work for Bob.

Fri, Feb 28 2003
Enjoying the architecture of San Francisco, then heading south to David Bruce Winery by Santa Cruz.

Sat, Feb 29 2003
A great day of gorgeous weather and Napa Valley Wineries.

Sun, Feb 30 2003
More delicious wines, and a bit of roaming down the coastline.

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