Florida Everglades Travelogue:
Alligators, Roseate Spoonbills and Anhingas!

I am a huge fan of birds and birding, and when the weather hit 0F for most of January, I knew it was time to migrate south for a few days. We got some time free from work and grabbed our camera. It was time for the Florida Keys and Everglades!

Thu, Jan 22 2003
The trip out, with a delicious Japanese dinner.

Fri, Jan 23 2003
A day in the southern part of the Everglades - the Anhinga Trail out through Flamingo and Eco Pond.

Sat, Jan 24 2003
The day of the Tamiami Trail, along the Shark Slough and out to Everglades City on the Gulf of Mexico.

Sun, Jan 25 2003
Sunday, heading back home!

The Bird List
A summary of what we saw

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