Lunar Eclipse Photos and Images
November 9 2003

The last solar eclipse we saw was the wintry 2000 Solar Eclipse. The last Lunar eclipse was the 2003 May Lunar Eclipse where it was VERY cloudy and we had to go driving all over creation to get some photos. This time we were lucky it was a perfectly clear November night and the eclipse was taking place between the wonderful hours of 7pm and 11pm!!

I took these directly with our digital camera. It's a Sony F707, and this is fully zoomed in with the optical but NOT with the digital zoom. All photos are 100% image size. The first few were done at the "medium large" setting by accident (I forget which one) and the rest were done at the largest setting possible.

This time I played with the white meter, changing it between shots to see how it affected the lunar photos. Enjoy!


7:57pm | 9:05pm | 9:56pm | 10:14pm | 10:26pm | Progression

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