Lisa and Bob in
Memphis and Ripley Tennessee

I love to travel, and I also love hearing stories from relatives about their childhood. I've been writing letters all year with my Great Aunt Nancy, older sister to my grandma Jane. Nancy and her husband, Lynnwood, grew up in Tennessee and got married right before World War 2. Both are now in their mid-80s. The stories she tells are fascinating!

We decided to go out to Tennessee for a weekend and hear her stories in person. My aunt Becky, who lives a few hours east of Nancy, agreed to meet us there. The trip was on!

Friday, flying in to Memphis

Saturday, at the Ripley Winery
Saturday, at Aunt Nancy's House
Saturday, at Cousin Warren Lee's Cottage
Saturday, back in Memphis

Sunday, flying home

A video for Dad (1.4mb MPG)

Ripley TN - October 2003
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