Lisa & Bob in Ireland: October 2001
Funeral of Barbara Samora Tucker

Barbara in High School
Barbara Tucker died unexpectedly during surgery on her kidney, on Monday, October 22, 2001. A blood clot was caught in her lung, and she died at 6:00pm. She was 56. She left behind her husband, Tom; her son Bob and his girlfriend Lisa; her sisters and brother Susan Samora, Joann Samora and Walter Samora; her niece Teddi, and many, many more who loved her dearly.

On Wednesday and Thursday, there were viewings in Yonkers NY, where she had lived for most of her life. She was a police dispatcher for much of her career, ran the St Patrick's Day parade for 20 years, worked at a dentist office, bowled avidly, and managed to make friends with just about any person she met. This was evident by the turnout at the funeral parlor. Hundreds of police officers, firemen and women, friends, family, and loved ones showed their sorrow. Even the UPS man from the dental office came, because she had been so friendly. People brought flowers. People wrote poems to her. She was a truly special woman.

After the final viewing on Thursday, she was provided a full police escort out to the airport. That evening, she was brought to Ireland. She had always wanted to be buried in Millstreet with the family of her husband, Tom Tucker, in the lovely cemetery overlooking the village, its farmland, and her own home there.

These pages chronicle the wake, the funeral mass, and the burial in Ireland, for those friends and family who were unable to make this final journey with Barbara. We will all miss her dearly.

Friday, Oct 26th: Arrival and wake
Saturday, Oct 27th: Mass and burial
Sunday, Oct 28th: Pictures of her home and favorite spots

Barbara's Webpage: Pictures of Barbara from her collection

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