Lisa in Germany: 2001

Let's see, exactly how did this trip come around? First off, my mom was born in Augsburg, Germany during WW2, to Ukrainian parents who had been working on a farm in the area. They stayed in Germany until she was 5, before heading to the US. I had always been curious about her time in Germany, and where my grandparents had lived and spent this time.

My mom's cousin, Jenny, had moved to Germany 12 years ago, but was preparing to move to the US. We got word from Jenny and Stefan that if we wanted to visit them in Germany, now was the time, since they wouldn't be there much longer. Mom poked on the net and found cheap prices (less than $250!) round trip, and started asking me and my sis if we could go out to see Jenny and Stefan and roam around a bit.

After some figuring back and forth, and negotiating schedules and such, we ended up with a flight only a bit more, and with only me and my mom able to go. We settled on May 31 - June 6 as the days, and planned to hit Augsburg, Munich, and then I wanted to see the Rhine valley for wine, and Bremen for my own Waller roots. My great-great-grandfather on my dad's side had immigrated from Bremen to Chicago in the 1800s, and the Wallers had been in the Bremen area for centuries before that.

So, the plans were made. Here are the details of the trip, with TONS of photos! I love the digital camera, it makes picture-taking so easy. There should be both small and large versions of the pictures, if you want to take a closer look.

Day 1: Friday, Neuschwanstein & the alps
Day 2: Saturday, Augsburg
Day 3: Sunday, Munich
Day 4: Monday, drive to the Rhine
Day 5: Tuesday, drive back home
Day 6: Wednesday, back to the US

The Smart Cars

Great Germany Screensaver! - just download and then put into your c:\windows directory. Choose it from your Control Panel - Display.

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