Lisa & Bob Fishing from Niantic, September 2001

Bob loved fishing as a child, and my stepfather Len also loves to fish. Our friend Tina just wanted to come along for the Big Waves. We drove down to Niantic CT in the morning and went out for a Four Hour Tour. It was great!

Here are the photos of the fun we had! Click on any photo to get the larger version.

Tina loves those waves! This is us heading out.

A lighthouse near our first trolling spot. We tried to bounce the bait just above the bottom of the ocean. We didn't get anything here.

Mom and Len are enjoying the summer day.

Tina, Mom and Bob out on deck.

Len, Tina, Bob and Mom by the lighthouse.

We've moved to a new spot, and we think we have a fish! Zane takes a look.

Zane's got it in a net!

It's decidedly fish-like!

Tina goes after one now.

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