Lisa and Bob
survive the
Y2K Celebration!

I'd been meaning all through December to start a "log of end-of-1999 thoughts", but never got it started!! In fact I wanted to start something like that in Jan 99 but was too busy then too. I remember in Jan wondering if people would start panicking in December, or if the normal holiday worries would be too important to worry about "what if" scenarios.

As each "dangerous date" - July 1st, 9/9/99, and so on went by without a hitch, I watched as more and more people relaxed. I personally thought the whole Y2K thing was mostly hype. Yes, some things would break. Yes, we'd survive anyway. I swore not to take out any extra cash, not to get any extra gas, etc.

My sole concession was to finally give in and get Cable TV in mid-December, so we'd have CNN to watch as each time zone carried over. I wanted to watch for myself how each time zone reacted, watch the celebrations, and so on.

The final week arrived ... with me doing a few Champagne radio interviews that were fun, and watching my About.Com hits soar due to tons of Champagne investigation. Thursday, 12/30, we left work by shutting every machine off, leaving it completely powered down. The day had arrived.

I awoke bright and early 12/31 - we in fact had slept on the futon in front of the TV so I could be right there - and watched as the sun hit the small islands ("Millennium Island" now) for the year 2000. The fireworks over Australia were incredible. The sun crept onward. Eventually we got up and headed into Bob's work, were we were on line for much of the day, preparing things and testing systems.

I got home around 5pm, and took these sunset shots - the very last sunset of 1999.

Bob came home, we drove into Newton to get Tina, then over to Donna's house. She lives in Waltham, so we were somewhere fun while we were also near Bob's servers in case of disaster!

Part 2 - the time approaches!