Luxor, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon Travelogue

Bob and I hadn't had much of a vacation all year in 1999, so when it looked like we could have some time off, we decided to head out to Vegas and take some time roaming around the area! There is so much to see in that region of the states. We hit Nevada, Arizona and California on this trip.

Sunrise on the Grand Canyon

Tue - Driving the Las Vegas Strip
Wed - Driving to the Grand Canyon
Thu - The Grand Canyon
Fri - The Venetian and Star Trek Exhibit
Sat - Mandalay Bay and Jethro Tull
Sun - Sushi, Pirate Show, Wine Tower

Bird Listing

We saw a ton of interesting desert birds, although for some stretches of drive through Arizona we saw no birds at all. That was sort of strange! I suppose there was nowhere for them to live, amongst the low scrub.

Lots of crows, along the side of the road, circling
Western chickadees in the Grand Canyon area
Golden eagles alongside the highway and in the GC
Hawks in the canyon
A Peregrine Falcon being chased in the same canyon
Goldfinches on the way back, flitting with yellow butterflies
Red-tailed hawk on the piles by the highway
Pidgeons in the cities, sad.
Swallows darting amongst the low trees